Specialized treatment in the areas of:

Pelvic Rehabilitation: Peri & post-partum care, urinary & fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic back and hip pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Lymphedema treatment related to chronic venous insufficency and cancer treatment

Comprehensive Breast Cancer Rehabilitation: shoulder dysfunction & core compromise related to surgery, lymphatic cording, post-mastectomy pain syndrome, lymphedema, fatigue, dyspareunia, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, cardiotoxity, osteoporosis and bone health.

Wellness visits

Please note: Susannah's practice will be opening July 2017 at the WNC Holistic Center. 

Why Susannah?


Faster more efficient approach with fewer treatment sessions

  • As a cash-based private practitioner, insurance does not dictate Susannah's treatment. Her practice also does not foster patient dependence, but focuses on client empowerment. From the day of evaluation a comprehensive evaluation is performed. Assessment and plan are thoroughly explained to the patient with a clear plan of action. Each treatment session has a purpose and peels back another layer to wellness. Client home-programs are designed specifically for them and constructed to be manageable to optimal adherence and progression back to best function.

Affordable comprehensive care

  • Susannah follows her patients consistently with hour-long sessions. If treatment is not progressing as expected, therapy is adjusted to quickly determine necessary alterations in treatment approach in order to show continual progress each session. Third parties are only used if absolutely necessary which is especially important for lymphedema managment and garment fitting and ordering. At the end of each treatment session the client will be given a superbill of itemized treatment codes that the patient can submit to their insurance for reimbursement or to be applied to yearly deductibles. Each insurance plan is different and it is the responsibility of patients to contact their insurance company to be clear on reimbursement parameters if any. Please see the 'Before you Schedule Your Visit' section below. 

Robust manual therapy skills

  • Susannah has a large tool-box of manual therapy skills she uses in conjuction with therapeutic exercise. In addition to direct soft-tissue and joint mobilization techniques Susannah also employs gentle and effective manual therapy strategies such as myofascial release, visceral release, lymphatic massage, cupping and strain-counterstrain methods to achieve positive outcomes.

Thorough patient education

  • This is a cornerstone of Susannah's practice, so much so that she has written books of patient handouts for other practitioners to use to augment education in treatment sessions!  Complex concepts taught during therapy sessions should build and stick to ensure compliance with home-programs and long-term relief. Clients often express relief after the first visit finally understanding the 'why' of their symptoms as well as the 'how' or plan to take care of it. 

Compassionate patient focused care

  • The therapeutic arena of pelvic health, lymphedema and oncology is unique. A pelvic and breast oncology expert is an orthopedic specialist who, in having additional training pertaining to the the pelvis and chest wall, is aware that these areas are not just anatomical powerhouses, but emotional ones as well. Bringing focus to the pelvis and chest well through discussion, education, movement and therapeutic touch can be incredibly healing for both mind and body and require an elevated awareness and practitioner presence during treatment.

before you schedule your visit:

Call your insurance company and determine if you have physical therapy benefits. If so, have them define your in-network and out-of-network benefits. Some clients have no physical therapy benefits and pay per visit regardless of if the clinic is in-network or out-of-network. If this is the case, you know when seeing me that you pay a $120 flat-rate for an hour of my time. Some clients have in-network benefits, but have a high deductible that must be met before physical therapy is covered. Because I do not bill insurance directly I do not inflate the charge of my treatment codes to be reimbursed fairly, therefor, you will pay a fair rate for physical therapy services which you can submit to your insurance and it is possible that they will apply your payment for therapy towards your deductible...you will have to ask your insurance company. Some clients have out-of-network physical therapy benefits and may receive partial reimbursement. Speak with a representative at your insurance company to define if you have no physical therapy coverage, in-network or out-of-network coverage. 

Physical therapy visits with Susannah are out-of-network with insurance which means the length of your visit is not limited by insurance and allows for a full hour of client attention and treatment.If you have out-of-network physical therapy benefits, you will be provided with a “super bill” for you to submit to your insurance. Call your insurance and ask:

  • Are you required to receive pre-authorization prior to your initial visit?
  • Do you need a physician referral, primary care referral, or a specialist referral?
  • What is your deductible? How much has been met? What percentage of reimbursement does your plan allows for?
  • Does the percentage change with a non-preferred provider?
  • Is there a cap to the amount of visits or money spent annually?
  • How does your plan want you to submit? Is there a specific form they provide? 
  • Verify the correct mailing address or fax number for claims submission.

Please understand that it is the client’s responsibility check benefits and understand that some plans do not reimburse.

Medicare Discalimer

I do not have a relationship with Medicare.  If you or your loved one is looking to be evaluated and has Medicare, please see the American Physical Therapy Association's directory to find someone who is in-network with Medicare.