A Day on the Lake 2018

September 2, 2018 we are hosting a retreat for breast cancer survivors to relax, play and connect in community. Expect a supportive environment to participate in stand up paddle boarding, meditation, gentle yoga and discussion. No prior experience in any of these activities is necessary...just unique and wonderful self! Please call or e-mail Susannah if you would like to join the retreat! 770-356-3132 or Susannah@YourCorePT.com.


Location & Details:

The retreat will be held at Lake Fontana in the Great Smokey Mountains, Western NC. We will be utilizing a portion of this lake which is easily accessed and conveniently located approximately 15 minutes to Bryson City, NC and about one hour from Asheville, NC.

We have 8 inflatable stand up paddle boards provided by Pivot Point WNC. $55 will cover the cost of instruction, equipment and lunch. Please feel free to BYOB (Bring Your Own Board!) and in this case, a little love offering for Andrea would be greatly appreciated. :) September 9th is our back-up day just in case we get rained out!



9:00 am: Registration and 'meet and greet' at Fontana Lake

10:00: Hit the water! We’ll spend the morning with Andrea getting familiar with our paddle boards, our relationship to the water and finding our flow with a gentle SUP Yoga class.

Noon- 2:00 pm: Lakeside lunch and group discussion

2:15- 4:30: SUP Yoga, guided meditation on the lake

4:30- 5:00 pm: Closing

Please note, we care about your safety and enjoyment. This is why we request that survivors in active treatment get physician approval for participation and that all participants sign a waiver and complete a health questionnaire prior to paddling. Thanks for understanding!

The Crew Working for You:


Susannah Haarmann

Susannah Haarmann is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic health and breast cancer rehabilitation. She held the initial vision for this retreat with the intention of building community, empowerment and a voice among breast cancer survivors. Susannah is building a website for breast cancer survivors to provide education on the prevention and treatment of the side effects of breast cancer intervention. She would like to use this day as an opportunity to listen to local needs in our breast cancer community and provide a voice for survivors. 


Andrea Morris

Andrea Morris is a licensed clinical social worker and addictions specialist yet her true passion is inspired movement through yoga, dance, paddling and other types soul satisfying engagement.  Andrea is a gifted guide, on and off the water, and brings a strong call to action to live our best lives. She is a registered yoga instructor, certified SUP Yoga teacher and will lead the Stand Up Paddle Board and SUP Yoga portion of our day. Andrea brings supportive guidance, safety, compassion and possibly more importantly, generous doses of joy & humor!!!


David House

David House is an honorable Asheville Firefighter, Army Captain, trained in swift water rescue, and avid paddle boarder. When asked if he would volunteer his time for pulling top-notch safety this day he didn't flinch in saying 'yes.' Thank you David!

“I believe that yoga is not about what asana or pose we might find, but the intention, awareness and gratitude for life that flows through the us all with each breath and any amount of willingness to say ‘yes’ to life.  Yoga may be viewed as a tool; a gentle reminder to breathe, simply notice, and ultimately an expression of gratitude for life’s daily gifts” -Andrea Morris