Breast Cancer Rehab 

Upcoming Live Courses:

March 28-29, 2020: Alexandria, VA (Inova Physical Therapy Center)

May 16-17, 202: Philadelphia, PA (Chestnut Hill Hospital)


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Course Description 

This 2-day course is designed for medical practitioners who value cancer rehabilitation and comprehensive breast cancer care to prevent and limit the side effects of medical treatment. This evidence based course includes theoretical and practical content and aims to improve attendees application of commonly used tests and measures in oncology care, advance manual skills, and sample applied rehabilitation exercises in the forms of yoga and Pilates-based programs. Topics include diagnosis and medical management for breast cancer side effects of treatment such as shoulder dysfunction, core compromise, lymphatic cording, lymph(o)edema, post-mastectomy pain syndrome, cardiotoxity, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, fatigue, osteoporosis and dyspareunia. 

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8:00-8:30:   Objectives/Introduction                                                       8:30-9:00:    Introduction to the Prospective Surveillance Model           9:00-10:00:  Cancer Staging and Screening                                             10:00-10:15:  Break                                                                                                 10:15-11:15:  Surgeries Lecture                                                                 11:15-12:30:   Surgeries Lab                                                                       12:30-1:30:   Lunch                                                                                             1:30-2:30:   Lymphatic Cording lecture                                                 2:30-3:45:  Lymphatic Cording Lab                                                         3:45-4:00:   Break                                                                                                   4:00-5:00:  Post-mastectomy Pain Syndromes


8:00–9:30:   Lymphedema Lecture                                                         9:30-9:45:   Break                                                                                                 9:45-10:45:   Lymphedema Lab                                                                 10:45-11:00:   Break                                                                                               11:00-12:00:   Medical Management; Chemo, radiation, hormones          12:00-1:00:   Lunch                                                                                               1:00-2:00:  Cardiotoxicity, fatigue & peripheral neuropathy                    2:00–2:30:   Side Effects Part 1: Lab                                                                 2:30–2:45:  Break                                                                                               2:45–4:00:  Osteoporosis, joint arthralgias & dyspareunia                      4:00-4:30: Break-out session


"I would recommend this course to anyone working with breast cancer patients in the a private of public health setting. Susannah Haarmann is inspiring in her global quest to improve holistic integrated rehabilitation in this group of patients. Excellent theory & practical sessions that are well-researched &current. Very enjoyable."                -Lisa Rowe, Nurse Specialist Lymphedema Management (Armindale, New South Wales, Australia)

"I learned exactly what I needed to learn to become the lead PT for our post-mastectomy patients at our acute hospital outpatient department." - Mary Beth Thompson, PT (Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

"Absolutely fabulous course bringing together all the different threads in the fabric of rehabilitation of the breast cancer patient. Unparalleled resources gathered into one course covering both theory and evidence-based interventions. Highly recommended to anyone either new of already working in this area." -Ruth Todd (Gosford, Austalia)

"One of the most comprehensive cancer courses I have taken. Everything I wanted to review. So many questions answered. Susannah is fantastic!" -Marcella Bassora, OTR/L, CLT (George Washington University Hospital, Washington DC, USA)

"The knowledge level of course participants is a tribute to the quality of material, presentation and excellence of Susannah Haarmann." -Eve Mason (Queensland, Australia)

"Such a lovely physical therapist who is generously willing to share her wealth of knowledge. The course and supporting notes are full of information and highly recommended." -Katherine Gallaher (New South Wales, Australia)

"Great update on current research & protocols; has ignited my passion in area & given e the drive to pursue changes to current protocols." -Libby Froyland (Mackay, Queensland, Australia)