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Expert, efficient, empowering care.

“Whether injury, breast cancer related issues, or simply misalignment, Susannah is excellent at giving patients a specialized protocol that fits our unique set of circumstances and our body’s need.” M. Miller

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Patient handouts for practitioners.

"I have just received your bladder book and I wanted to say that it is Fab!! Well done you, I love it, so useful and well structured with easy to follow hand outs. The content is just what I would say to my clients which makes its so convenient and quick to simply copy and hand out. Thank you so much in producing such a great book, I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it and thoroughly recommending it to all."

- Gemma Pilkington

Bladder Hand Outs   /   Bowel Hand Outs   



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Comprehensive & preventative breast cancer care. 

"I would recommend this course to anyone working with breast cancer patients in the a private or public health setting. Susannah Haarmann is inspiring in her global quest to improve holistic integrated rehabilitation in this group of patients. Excellent theory & practical sessions that are well-researched & current. Very enjoyable." -Lisa Rowe, Nurse Specialist Lymphedema Management (Armindale, New South Wales, Australia)

On-line Breast Cancer Rehab course launching January 1, 2019.