Pelvic Patients

We can easily take our pelvic health for grated until something 'down there' isn't working properly. Peeing, pooping and 'sexing' are pretty important functions...we want them to feel gratifying! Pelvic health is far from just 'kegels'; in fact many orthopedic problems like back, sacral and hip pain originate in the pelvis. The pelvis is beautifully complex and you want a skilled practitioner with a holistic approach by your side.  Susannah is an expert in this arena both locally and educating other practitioners globally.  Her compassionate presence, skilled hands and commitment to empowering and efficient care are the foundations of her practice.

Please feel free to contact Susannah during business hours to set up a free 15-minute consultation: 770.356.3132.

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Common treatment diagnosis:

  • Peri and post-partum care

  • Urinary & fecal incontinence

  • Constipation, IBS and other gut issues...

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Pain with intercourse

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Chronic hip & back pain

  • Sarcoiliac dysfunction

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What to expect:

Susannah practices out of the Women's Wellness and Education Center which is located near downtown Asheville off of Charlotte Street (24 Arlington Street, 28801). Expect to fill out some brief, but important intake forms and outcome measures prior to evaluation. Day 1, Susannah will take a thorough history, perform initial testing and leave some time for treatment. Depending upon your situation, an internal assessment may be beneficial for your treatment, however, is not a necessity and is ultimately up to the comfort level of the patient. 

During follow-up appointments, Susannah likes to pull from her manual therapy tool box which includes modalities such as: myofascial release, visceral mobilization, strain-counterstrain, muscle energy techniques, joint and soft tissue mobilization, and more. Susannah teaches self-awareness and management through interventions like therapeutic exercise (often yoga or mat-based movement), biofeedback, diet and self-care. 



“Susannah is one of the finest physical therapists I have ever encountered, for a variety of reasons. She is incredibly knowledgeable in her chosen fields as well as in general PT concerns; her bedside manner is impeccable; and she has a genuine concern for her patients and a personal investment in their healing. I am continuously impressed by her thoughtfulness, persistence and care in the pursuit of my well-being and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a practitioner in her fields. “ - R. Falls

“So great to have a PT that understands how a woman’s body and core is unique. I’m a cyclist and runner that got injured racing and saw Susanna 7 months later - still with no real diagnosis or improvement, and at my wits end. I was running with minimal pain 2 weeks after my first appointment, and she diagnosed the tiny muscle causing all the problems on my first visit! I’m back to my normal life and couldn’t be happier. Susanna understands women’s bodies. Whether injury, breast cancer related issues, or simply misalignment, she’s excellent at giving patients a specialized protocol that fits our unique set of circumstances and our body’s need.” -M. Miller

“Susannah is an amazing physical therapist! I have been seeing her for the past six months and I am amazed at the progress we have made. She is intuitive, patient, and a great partner in your journey to wellness. I can't recommend her enough. “ - A.A.