Pelvic Patients

We can easily take our pelvic health for grated until something 'down there' isn't working properly. Peeing, pooping and 'sexing' are pretty important functions...we want them to feel gratifying! Pelvic health is far from just 'kegels!' The pelvis is beautifully complex and you want a skilled practitioner with a holistic approach by your side.  Susannah is an expert in this arena educating practitioners nationally and writing books.  Her compassionate presence, skilled hands and commitment to empowering and efficient care are just what you are looking for!

Please feel free to contact Susannah during business hours to set up a free 15-minute consultation: 770.356.3132.

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Common treatment diagnosis:

  • Peri and post-partum care
  • Urinary & fecal incontinence
  • Constipation, IBS and other gut issues...
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Chronic hip & back pain
  • Sarcoiliac dysfunction
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What to expect:

Susannah practices out of the Women's Wellness and Education Center which has a warm, homey feel. Expect to fill out some brief, but important intake forms and outcome measures prior to evaluation. Day 1, Susannah will take a thorough history, perform initial testing and leave some time for treatment. Depending upon your situation, an internal assessment may be beneficial for your treatment, however, is not a necessity and is ultimately up to the comfort level of the patient. 

During follow-up appointments, Susannah likes to pull from her manual therapy tool box which includes modalities such as: myofascial release, visceral mobilization, strain-counterstrain, muscle energy techniques, joint and soft tissue mobilization, and more. Susannah teaches self-awareness and management through interventions like therapeutic exercise (often yoga or mat-based movement), biofeedback, diet and self-care. 

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Group Classes

Have urinary incontinence? Over 50% of American women aged 20 years and older can say the same! Let's drop the stigma and get you affordable and convenient care! Susannah has developed a group class called 'In Control' to treat the common condition of urinary incontinence. The program includes an evaluation, (3) 30-minute individual office follow-ups and 8 evening classes. The first 4 classes are once a month and the next 4 happen every other week. The topics are as follows:

  • Class #1: Anatomy & function of the pelvic floor. Awareness & coordination training.
  • Class #2: Self-management of urgency & urge urinary incontinence.
  • Class #3: Management of pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Class #4: How to heal a diastasis recti & fundamentals of core training.
  • Class #5: Hormonal changes throughout the lifespan and pelvic floor influence.
  • Class #6: Constipation & advancing core stabilization.
  • Class #7: Weight management & progressive core strengthening.
  • Class #8: Self-management & progressive core strengthening. 

Program cost: $375                                                                                                                          Participants required to run program: 6 (talk to your friends!)                                                          All participants are screened with a 60-minute evaluation prior to enrollment.                            If you are interested in the program please call Susannah and let her know!