The Bladder Book - The Complete Collection

The Bladder Book - The Complete Collection


The Bladder Bundle is the complete collection of Your Core PT handouts on bladder health; from urinary incontinence, urgency and anterior wall prolapse, we’ve got you covered! This practitioner resource is valued at $183 (handouts can be purchased individually), but you can get them as a bundle for 57% off! Plus you will receive 5 color anatomy pages that can be laminated and used for patient education in your clinic FREE! Save yourself time creating handouts and boost education, professionalism and efficiency in your practice!

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Book reviews:

I have just received your bladder book and I wanted to say that it is Fab!! Well done you, I love it, so useful and well structured with easy to follow hand outs. The content is just what I would say to my clients which makes its so convienient and quick to simply copy and hand out. Thank you so much in producing such a great book, I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it and thoroughly recommending it to all. - Gemma Pilkington (Nov 14, 2017)
We LOVE Susannah and this book absolutely rocks! It is an awesome resource for pelvic floor therapists.I was introduced to Susannah by her Breast Cancer course, then was fortunate to take Pelvic Floor 1 with her as well. The handouts are great! An MS patient loves her simplified Bladder Diary. I highly recommend this book to pelvic floor practitioners. I am still learning all that the book entails but so far so good! Thanks Susannah for this invaluable resource!  - Mary Beth Thompson (Dec 30, 2017)

Susanna has created a great resource for both patients and for therapists. The diagrams make the book easy for patients to understand. She has covered the needs of the urinary client regarding training and educational handouts in language which is easy to understand . I highly recommend this book for your practice. Well done Susanna! - Jane O'Brien Franczak, PT, MSPT  (Feb 9, 2018)