Specialized treatment in the areas of:

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Pelvic Rehabilitation: Peri & post-partum care, urinary & fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic back and hip pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Lymphedema treatment related to chronic venous insufficency and cancer treatment

Comprehensive Breast Cancer Rehabilitation: shoulder dysfunction & core compromise related to surgery, lymphatic cording, post-mastectomy pain syndrome, lymphedema, fatigue, dyspareunia, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, cardiotoxity, osteoporosis and bone health.


Susannah: Your Core PT







Clarity of Care: Understand the 'why' of your symptoms and the 'how' to take care of it. Susannah begins all patient treatment with a comprehensive and thorough evaluation which she bases her plan of care on that client and therapist can easily follow. During a treatment session, Susannah delves into her deep manual therapy tool bag to affect change in body tissues and alignment to promote healing. Therapuetic exercise is given to reinforce these changes and empower the patient towards self-treatment. And no patient goes without exercise, education and self-care tools to build towards self-maintenance.

Expertise: Susannah has dedicated her career towards the advancement the advancement of lesser known and rapidly evolving therapies of pelvic health, breast oncology and lymphedema. Susannah completed her residency in Women's Health at Duke University in 2012. She is a faculty member with the Herman & Wallace Rehabilitation Institute teaching continuing education to medical providers across the country. She also is the creator of the course, "Rehabilitation for the Breast Cancer Patient" which she teaches internationally. 

Efficiency in Practice: Susannah is not your 3 times per week therapist (unless you are a complex lymphedema case); try once to every other week and weening sessions towards discharge. Susannah wants to get to the bottom of your pain as soon as possible and enact the change to make your symptoms better so you can do what you love and be the best version of you. Please, do keep in mind, it does take two to tango...so, if you want to rock and roll, please, follow your home program.

Compassion:The therapeutic arena of pelvic health, lymphedema and oncology is unique. A pelvic and breast oncology expert is an orthopedic specialist who, in having additional training pertaining to the the pelvis and chest wall, is aware that these areas are not just anatomical powerhouses, but emotional ones as well. Bringing focus to the pelvis and chest well through discussion, education, movement and therapeutic touch can be incredibly healing for both mind and body and require an elevated awareness and practitioner presence during treatment.

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Susannah is located at 24 arlington street, asheville, nc, 28801 (near downtown avl)

understand your coverage:

Susannah is an out of network provider with all insurance carriers. Why is this advantageous?

  • Susannah is able to provide full hour treatments with one-on-one care to give you the most effective treatment interventions for you, regardless of what insurance dictates.
  • Some people do not have in network benefits with providers and may not know this until after they have received their first bill, or, they may receive treatment for claims that were denied, or, they may require ongoing treatment that exceeds the insurance caps. The insurance game often causes providers to bill in excess of their usual fees in order to receive a fair partial reimbursement. In cases like these, the patient may be caught footing the bill for exorbidant health care costs or may not be able to receive treatment. As an out of network provider, Susannah is able to offer transparent costs for exceptional care. 
  • Unruly high deductables are a thing these days and many people have thousands of dollars to go before they are able to seek rehab services care. Get your care more affordably while submitting a super bill towards your deductable
  • Hopsitals ain't the only rodeo in this town. Many physicians feel most comfortable referring to rehab services within their own system. This can make sense if it provides more continuous care, but often it may be that they are unaware. This can create a waiting list, which in specialty areas, like lymphedema management, may cause a chronic problem for the patient. Avoid unnecessary waiting and get efficient care. 


Call your insurance and ask:

  • Are you required to receive pre-authorization prior to your initial visit?
  • Do you need a physician referral, primary care referral, or a specialist referral?
  • What is your deductible? How much has been met? What percentage of reimbursement does your plan allows for?
  • Does the percentage change with a non-preferred provider?
  • Is there a cap to the amount of visits or money spent annually?
  • How does your plan want you to submit? Is there a specific form they provide? 
  • Verify the correct mailing address or fax number for claims submission.

Please understand that it is the client’s responsibility check benefits and understand that some plans do not reimburse.



I do not have a relationship with Medicare.  If you need clarification on this point please contact me at Susannah@YourCorePT.com.

Group Classes

Susannah is pleased to announce the 'In Control' program is launching May 14-July 30th! Have urinary incontinence? You are not alone; over 50% of American women aged 20 years and older can say the same. 'In Control' is an affordable and convenient physical therapy approach to treat urinary incontinence. The program includes an evaluation, (3) 30-minute monthly follow-ups and 8 classes providing a progressive therapeutic exercise program and education on topics such as self-management of urgency & urge urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, healing a diastasis, hormones, constipation, weight management and self-maintenance. 

  • May 14: Anatomy & function of the pelvic floor. Awareness & coordination training.
  • May 21: Self-management of urgency & urge urinary incontinence.
  • May 28: Management of pelvic organ prolapse.
  • June 4: How to heal a diastasis recti & fundamentals of core training.
  • June 18: Hormonal changes throughout the lifespan and pelvic floor influence.
  • July 2: Constipation & advancing core stabilization.
  • July 16: Weight management & progressive core strengthening.
  • July 30: Self-management & progressive core strengthening. 

Classes are are held on Monday evenings from 7:30-8:30 pm. 

If you are interested in the class, please book an initial evaluation below as an initial evaluation. If Susannah thinks you would be a great candidate for the 'In Control' program the evaluation will be included in the 3 month program cost which is $375.00 total.