Schedule an appointment

Prospective clients with questions can ask for a free 15-minute phone consultation on the Contact Us page. Initial evaluations and follow-up appointments are generally 1 hour. As a service to our community, Susannah offers a free in-person, 30-minute consultation for recently diagnosed breast cancer survivors who are about to begin medical treatment. Tell your friends! 



Questions you should know with any insurance plan:

  • Are you required to receive pre-authorization prior to your initial visit?
  • Do you need a physician referral, primary care referral, or a specialist referral?
  • What is your deductible? How much has been met? What percentage of reimbursement does your plan allows for?
  • Does the percentage change with a non-preferred provider?
  • Is there a cap to the amount of visits or money spent annually?
  • How does your plan want you to submit? Is there a specific form they provide? 
  • Verify the correct mailing address or fax number for claims submission.

It is the client’s responsibility check benefits regarding reimbursement.