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The Bladder Book is a comprehensive collection of patient handouts for the pelvic health practitioner. Save yourself hours of time creating educational material. Streamline your thought processes and support patient education. Improve carry-over between visits and promote efficiency in your practice. Raise the bar of professionalism. 

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The Bladder Book includes the following patient education handouts:

  • Urinary incontinence intake form
  • Outcome measures
  • 3 versions of bladder diaries (A, B, C)
    • A: Detailed flow analysis and Type-A approved
    • B: Basic (meets most of our needs)
    • C: Care-giver optimal
      • Include instruction, summaries and analysis for practitioners
  • Medication Consultation letter to MD
  • Bladder Irritants
  • Water is Your Friend!
  • Functions of The Pelvic Floor 
  • Tuning in with Your Pelvic Floor
  • Pelvic Floor Checks
  • Lengthen Before Strengthen (exercise program)
  • Urge Drills
  • Distraction Techniques
  • The 'Pee' Symphony
  • Restoring Bladder Capacity
    • The 'Small' or 'Weak' Bladder Myth
    • The 'Camel' Bladder
  • Coordination of the Pelvic Floor with the Respiratory Diaphragm
  • Pelvic Brace Technique
  • Your Pelvic Floor HEP
  • Overflow exercises:
    • Supine
    • Seated 
    • Standing
    • Standing (Advanced)
  • Training Transverse Abdominus
  • Core Strengthening and Functional Movement
  • Anterior Wall Prolapse
    • Management handout
    • Initial exercise program
  • Vaginal Moisturizers for Vulvar Health
  • Products for Pelvic Organ Prolapse & Urinary Incontinence
  • Easy-access anatomy pages for patient education
    • layers of the pelvic floor
    • external rotators of the hip
    • anterior wall prolapse
  • Chart Handouts Tracker

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