The Breast Bundle: Lymphedema Section

The Breast Bundle: Lymphedema Section


Lymphedema is one of the most feared side effects of breast cancer treatment. Patients want to understand lymphedema, risk factors, prevention, and safe exercise guidelines. As providers, we want our patients to maintain therapeutic gains, which is why providing easy to understand handouts on how to perform lymphatic drainage, track arm measurements, care for, donn, select, and budget for a garment, are crucial. This bundle of handouts also contains exercises for lymphatic cording & more!

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The Breast Bundle: Lymphedema Section

  • What is Lymphedema?

  • Lymphedema Precautions

  • Assessing your Lymphedema Risk

  • Exercise Guidelines for Lymphedema

  • Remedial Arm Exercises for Lymphedema

  • What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

  • MLD: Neck & Abdomen

  • MLD: Node Prep & Anastomoses

  • MLD: Chest

  • MLD: Arm

  • Lymphedema Tracker

  • Considerations in Lymphedema Garment Selection

  • How to Put On & Care for your Compression Sleeve

  • Garment Re-order Form

  • Basic Exercises for Lymphatic Cording

  • Advanced Exercises for Lymphatic Cording

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