Patient Care

Live in Asheville, NC? Lucky you! Don't live here? No sweat. Many people consult Susannah for intensive evaluation and treatment sessions while they visit our beautiful destination city. Susannah treats complex male and female pelvic floor patients, breast cancer survivors and lymphedema patients in her small private practice off Charlotte Street. Her comprehensive treatment approach is based on a thorough assessment. Patient education, effective manual therapy skills and accurate diagnosis are the foundation of Susannah being able to deliver some of the most efficient patient care in pelvic & women's health possible. 

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Professional Education

Susannah loves educating practitioners in the pelvic health and breast cancer rehabilitation. She is a faculty member for the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and teaches her course Rehabilitation for the Breast Cancer Patient internationally. Susannah believes patient education is the foundation of empowering pelvic health and breast cancer care. She writes handouts for the practitioners to use in conjunction with patient care in order to demystify these seldom discussed and common problems.