Your Core PT's 'The Breast Book' coming soon! 

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'The Breast Book' will contain the best compilation of patient handouts for therapists who treat breast cancer patients. Add efficiency and improve quality of care with this comprehensive resource.

'The Breast Book' includes handouts on the following (list subject to modification):

  • Forms:
    • intake forms (2 versions)
    • outcome measures
    • screening for sexual dysfunction
  • General BC education:
    • anatomy
    • breast self-exam
    • post-surgical self-care instructions
    • sexual dysfunction
    • decreasing risk and recurrence of breast cancer
  • Exercise considerations:
    • post-operatively
    • lymphedema
    • fatigue
    • peripheral neuropathy
    • joint pain
    • osteoporosis
  • Lymphedema:
    • physiology related to breast cancer
    • precautions (2 versions)
    • step-wise self-MLD instruction with common variations
    • garment care instructions
    • monthly measurement guide
    • garment re-order form
  • Post-mastectomy pain syndrome and self-treatment
  • Fatigue exercise log and self-acupressure points

The Your Core PT: Breast Book will be available in a spiral bound print format for copying ease and is limited to per therapist use.


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Disclaimer: 'The Breast Book' was created for medical providers and therapists to use to supplement patient education. Your Core PT assumes that the treating provider has extensive knowledge and continuing education in the specialty area of rehabilitation for breast cancer. The treating provider assumes all responsibility for patient outcomes. It is recommended that the treating provider review materials from 'The Breast Book' with referral sources and physicians as treatment protocols vary regionally and among providers. Your Core PT understands that every breast cancer patient's personal medical history and functional limitations are different, therefor, it is up to the treating medical provider to make appropriate modifications to handouts.