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Maybe I am biased, but I don’t know if there is another area of physical therapy and rehabilitation that is as cutting edge as women’s health. When I share my 20 second elevator spiel with anyone from friends to physicians about what I do I still get a kick out of the surprised question, “you can help with that?” followed by surprised face when I tell them how.

Yes, we are a rare breed and hard to find. We are tough in our knowledge of neuroanatomy, orthopedic assessments and manual skills and we are tender in our approach to working with these delicate orifices and organs located in the core of our bodies.

Course participants of the 'Rehabilitation for Breast Cancer Course' at Danielle Bell's clinic 'Active Physiotherapy' in Queensland Australia, March 2016. 

Course participants of the 'Rehabilitation for Breast Cancer Course' at Danielle Bell's clinic 'Active Physiotherapy' in Queensland Australia, March 2016. 

Women’s health: who are we kidding? Our repertoire of treatment populations and interventions is expanding so rapidly we can’t even keep up with how to change the outdated descriptive nomenclature of our field of expertise. It’s the only part of my elevator spiel that doesn’t flow; “well, I’m a women’s clinical specialist, but I treat men, children and transgender people as well…and it’s not only pelvic I treat breast cancer patients, but that’s not just a women’s health issue either…men get breast cancer too…”

So not only do I get to help find solutions for people who thought they were swinging on the end of their medical rope, but I get to work with the best in rehabilitation from around the world! Now this is where things get super spicy and fun! As I ask a question on a women’s health or oncology group Facebook feed, write a lecture for an on-line international summit or plan my next course abroad, the children’s song “It’s a Small World After all” cues in my head. I am astounded by the potential for our profession to grow and our ability to learn from one another on an international scale.

And you know what I love about teaching? Meeting and learning from my colleagues…in my eyes, some of the brightest, most passionate and forward-thinking patient advocates in healthcare. In order to treat these patients we must be highly effective in our communication, especially sensitive with our hands and constantly seeking new knowledge to keep up! It's as though the 'women's health' therapist is always on a mission...

And I'm bringing the results of what I have learned on my mission to you. Physical therapy, especially, women's health is a pioneering profession. We have so many dots to connect and so many people to reach. And we need the resources to do it efficiently and effectively for not only the health of our patients, but for our own ease and success as well!

Your Core PT will bring you the best therapeutic resources for the breast, belly, bladder, bowel and everything down below. Over the years Your Core PT's resources will consistently bring you research-based, practical and fun blog posts, books and coursework to help you, your practice and our community THRIVE!




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