Holiday gift guide for the pelvic therapist in your life!

Show some love and appreciation for the pelvic health therapist in your life with these fun and useful gifts! Or drop a hint to your loved ones and share on your social media page!

Happy Holidays from Your Core PT!

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1.) Bristol Stool Mug

Sure, a coffee mug with pictures of poop on the side may seem crazy to you, but it's brilliant to a pelvic floor specialist! Patients need not describe their stool any further...they can just point to a number next to a picture on their therapist's coffee cup! Comedic relief and improved communication for all!

$12.99 from Cafe Press and other sources will even personalize!


2.) A Vulva Calendar

Melt her heart with creative art! Perfect for the walls of a women's health private practice or her own personal office. 

Purchase this holiday decor from Feminist Art for $35 on Etsy.  


3.) Pelvis business card holder

The pelvis gives stability alright...for your promotional materials! I also love that 10% of the sales for this product goes to the Women's Health Initiative! 

Price: $22 from Inceptance


4.) Stuffed poop emoji

Who would want poop for Christmas? Why your dedicated pelvic therapist of course!

I'm thinking it would be a great relationship tool as well...who can fight while clutching poop? Levity...

Available for less than $10 on


5.) The Bladder Book

Give your pelvic therapist the gift of time & efficiency in the new year. 'The Bladder Book' contains all of the bladder and prolapse handouts they will need for less than $2 per page! Professionalism + better outcomes = more business! Book price: $79.99. Available at CMT or get directly from 


6.) Period Panties

Period panties are a great gift for the environmentally conscious, active woman in your life! These washable panties have super absorbent powers and hold up to 2 tampons worth of menstrual flow! The undergarments are anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and leak-resistant. Thinx has your panty style preference covered from boy shorts to thongs. Prices range from $24-$39.



7.) The 'Go girl'

Get some great laughs out of this stocking stuffer! I personally have thanked my heavens when I needed my Go Girl...great for modesty with traveling, working on construction sites or the outdoorsy, adventurous type! 

Available at for $9.99. 



8.) Female Pelvic Model

An affordable pelvic model? And the crowd goes WILD!!! Admittedly, I'm a bit skeptical of what cut the cost, but maybe this standard 3 lb. model with removable parts will do the trick! 

Vision Scientific sells an $80 female pelvic model...and if you get one, be a dear and write a review below! Thank you!



9.) L5 EarrinGs

I think it's safe to assume that if your therapist is wearing L5 earrings they are passionate about what they are doing!

$54 at Inceptance



10.) Moon Chart

Although some might think it a little 'hippy-dippy,' I ran across this moon chart in a friend's bathroom. She put a smooth circle around her start and end days and crazily colored in her high flow days with a red pen. 

Snake and Snake makes this moon chart available for $5.95 and you can print a Lunar Information Sheet from their website for free! 



Written by: Susannah Haarmann, PT, WCS, CLT

She wishes you the merriest of holidays and a beautiful New Year!


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